Teaching is a challenging profession and RwandaEQUIP believes that all teachers need training and ongoing support once they’re in the classroom.

1. RwandaEQUIP believes that a great education is not possible without a great teacher. Great teachers change the lives of their students.

2. RwandaEQUIP has a core teacher training philosophy that is focussed on ‘the big four essential teaching skills.’

These skills are focused on what RwandaEQUIP believes to be the four essentials of effective teaching:
– Learning to follow the teacher guides to deliver effective lessons; Checking on each and every child’s learning; Responding with feedback that accelerates student learning outcomes, and; Motivating students towards good behaviour and academic effort.

It is through the lens of these ‘big four’ critical teaching skills and associated teaching techniques that teachers learn the approaches and techniques necessary to teach effectively in every lesson, every day. RwandaEQUIP teacher training gives all teachers an opportunity to deep dive into each of these techniques and—crucially—to practice them.

Using Teacher Guides​​

This enables every single teacher to benefit from carefully designed, grade-specific lessons based on world-class pedagogical research. By enabling teachers to focus more on teaching rather than planning, they are able to support students and give time to those who are struggling.

Checking in on every student’s work​

Focuses on the importance of every student getting the teacher’s attention and feedback. RwandaEQUIP focuses on ensuring that teachers focus not only on the top students; but on every student in the classroom—questioning and involving everyone, not just the few who always raise their hands.

Responding with clear feedback​

Emphasises the immense power in students receiving real time feedback during a lesson. RwandaEQUIP supports teachers on strategies aimed at giving clear feedback to students. This includes reviewing assignments and marking books with students during the class and ensuring teachers interact with students at all points during a lesson.

Motivating all students’ to behave and work hard​

Centred around how a teacher might best engage students and ensure active participation in-class activities. RwandaEQUIP values encouraging and motivating the student with positive energy, even (and especially) with critical feedback.

At its core, RwandaEQUIP teacher training is centred around the big four teaching skills and associated teaching techniques; providing plentiful practice time so that teachers go to their classrooms with the skills and confidence to succeed. Through teacher training, RwandaEQUIP empowers teachers to take ownership of their classrooms and see themselves as the centre of a positive and engaging environment that enables children to learn.