RwandaEQUIP is the Government of Rwanda’s transformative programme to make the country’s basic education system globally competitive. It will put Rwanda’s basic education system on a path to success and create a legacy of excellence in education for the country. RwandaEQUIP will ensure that all students achieve their full potential  building a better and brighter future for themselves, their families and all Rwandans.

RwandaEQUIP will be supporting 761 government schools by 2024.

As a Government programme, RwandaEQUIP uses government teachers and provides them with training and ongoing coaching.

NewGlobe is the technical partner of the Government of Rwanda in implementing RwandaEQUIP. NewGlobe supports visionary governments to transform public education systems, the cornerstone of a prosperous, equitable, and peaceful society.

RwandaEQUIP schools are the existing Government public schools and government aided schools in communities. If your child is enrolled there, then they are in RwandaEQUIP school.

All teachers in RwandaEQUIP schools are re-trained to use innovative classroom management techniques, teaching philosophy and technology, prior to the start of the programme. All teachers then continue to receive weekly coaching; training and support in the classroom and get feedback from specialised learning and development teams.

Success is measured through improved learning outcomes for students; which are continually reviewed and analysed through the technology platform used by RwandaEQUIP.
RwandaEQUIP has set clear performance indicators; in teaching, school management and outcomes. Each classroom and school is transparent in the RwandaEQUIP programme using a digital learning platform to put accountability and data at the core of the system.