Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development

RwandaEQUIP believes that strong teachers change lives. A great teacher does more than impart knowledge, they are also an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. We believe that teachers need to be supported, trained and empowered. They need resources that will enable them to teach effectively and material and techniques that are designed to help students learn and excel.

Every RwandaEQUIP teacher not only goes through an intensive induction training program before returning to the classroom but they also receive continuous support, coaching and professional development.


The RwandaEQUIP teacher training programme is distinguished by some core training principles


Teaching is a challenging profession and RwandaEQUIP believes that all teachers need training and ongoing support once they’re in the classroom. RwandaEQUIP believes that a great education is not possible without a great teacher. Great teachers change the lives of their students.


RwandaEQUIP teachers use a range of techniques in the classroom to engage, communicate and connect with their class. Some are taught and some are intuitive. In some schools and classrooms teachers are lucky to benefit from support but in others, they’re not. Our teacher training philosophy advocates the ‘big four’ teaching skills as core to successful teaching.

Teacher Guides​

Teacher guides enable every single teacher to benefit from carefully designed lessons based on world-class, up-to-the-minute pedagogical research.