RwandaEQUIP Celebrates remarkable contributions of teachers.

On the International Women’s Day, RwandaEQUIP celebrates our teachers who play a critical role in helping to address gender equality in the classroom and creating a world free of bias and discrimination. We celebrate their huge contribution to a better future.

In the past, women and girls  have faced so many cultural barriers, that include limited access to education which undermined them.  A woman could not make decisions, they were only expected to stay at home and look after their families.

Talking to Aimerita who has been teaching for 42 years, she testified that when she was about to join high school, some people told her parents not to allow her to join because they did not understand how important it was for a girl to study. Fortunately her parents were brave enough to let her join high school, and the impact she is making is immeasurable.

Aimerita and other remarkable women are now transforming the community and creating a better future at GS Gatenga 1,  while acknowledging the progress that is still required in creating a world free of bias and discrimination. She mentioned how in her classroom she encourages girls by role modelling other successful women and always reminding them that both girls and boys have equal capacity and opportunities.

Aimerita said, ‘’In our country a lot has changed. As a girl who grew up in a world full of bias and inequalities, it is my responsibility to change that. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with many interesting and dedicated women that feel the same urge as myself to achieve results by what they do and making their work contribute to lasting successes. In addition to that, I am honoured to be in a country where women are supported, empowered and therefore  motivate young girls who are able to see role models in their environment.”

Aimerita is proud of the progress made so far and believes that we still have a long way to go.  A woman is the future, as they say….when you educate a woman you educate a nation.

On International Women’s Day – and every day,  teachers play a critical role in helping to address gender equality in the classroom. The future is in the teacher’s hands.