Prime Minister visits-GS Munini, whose Primary section is supported by RwandaEQUIP  

The Rt. Hon Prime Minister, Édouard Ngirente, inaugurated the Nyaruguru model village as part of the 28th Liberation Day celebrations on 4th July 2022. Among the newly inaugurated state of the art facilities is GS Munini, whose primary section is implementing the Government of Rwanda’s education transformative initiative-Rwanda Education Quality Improvement Program- (RwandaEQUIP).

After a short tour of the tour of the school facilities, the Prime Minister enquired about the performance of the school especially using English as language of instruction. The head teacher said that with the support of RwandaEQUIP, teachers’ English proficiency has increased since all lessons are prepared and delivered in English. He added that teachers’ ability varies from one teacher to another, however, continuous CPD is provided.

Kagabo Emmanuel whose daughter is in GS Munini said that ever since RwandaEQUIP started supporting GS Munini, his daughter’s ability to read and speak English has improved significantly. Before, she used to read with difficulty, but now, she is able to read fluently, and that is something am happy about. The newly inaugurated school complex has laboratories, a library, sports facilities, internet connectivity and has smart classrooms to enhance digital literacy. The primary section has 1000 pupils and 23 teachers while the secondary school has 600 students with 24 teachers